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Anatomy of a Tread Labs Insole

Tread Labs orthotic insoles are simple and incredibly effective.

Tread Labs insoles - arch support


Tread Labs insoles – arch support that is deceptively simple. The heart of the insole is a molded polypropylene arch support. It has a firm flex that provides strong support with a spring-like nature. It is virtually indestructible and will last a very long time. Because the shape will remain constant over time, the arch support it provides will not break down. You will not have to wonder if your insoles have "worn out."

On top of the arch support is a layer of durable polyurethane foam that provides cushioning for added comfort.

The insole's top surface is a polyester fabric specifically designed for maximum comfort. It has three characteristics that make it perfectly suited for use underfoot:

  1. Super durable to withstand daily use/abuse.
  2. Woven for extremely low friction. Friction produces heat. Low-friction covers mean your feet remain cool. And cool feet are comfortable feet.
  3. Our PURE antimicrobial fabric treatment kills 99.9% of bacteria.

The most important element of a Tread Labs insole is its shape. With 4 arch heights and 6 lengths (3 for men, 3 for women), we can guarantee a precise fit that delivers excellent support and all day comfort. Give them a try. Our 30-day fit guarantee means that if you're not completely satisfied within the first month, you can send them back for a full refund. We’ll pay the shipping.

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