Gift Guide for Runners

Gift Guide for Runners

by Mark Paigen 1 minute read

The Holiday season is here, and we're here to guide you to the perfect gifts for the runners in your life. Lucky for you, our insoles fit perfectly into stockings.


1. Performance Insoles for Runners

Dashing through the snow with Dash Performance Insoels

Help the runners in your life dash through the snow this Holiday season with insoles made for running performance. Wafer-thin, über-light and ultra-firm, the 100% carbon fiber inserts in our Dash Insoles are engineered to biomechanically increase performance and decrease risk of injury.


Up Your Game in Any Shoe

The versatility of the Dash Insole Kit brings performance-level support into any shoe type, not just running shoes. The kit includes 3 styles of swappable top covers – 5mm thick full length, 3mm thick full length, and 3mm thick short – for a perfect fit in all your low-heeled footwear.



2. Supportive Sandals for Post-run Recovery

Supportive Sandals for Post-run Recovery

Don't forget about the post-run recovery! Runners love slipping their feet into our supportive and insanely comfortable recovery sandalsWe started with the midsole of a running shoe, added the arch support that our insole customers love and a microfiber footbed for sublime comfort.


3. Luxurious Softness, Because Your Feet Deserve It

Luxurious Softness of Genuine Shearling Insoles
This winter, treat your feet with the warmth and comfort of genuine wool shearling. The Shearling Top Cover easily attaches to any Tread Labs arch support so you can transform any shoe you wear into a soft, warm, winter wonderland for your feet.


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