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by Cassia Roth June 27, 2018

Tread Labs insoles for dress shoes

Most men out there know that a stylish pair of dress shoes are much more than just great footwear. The right pair of shoes for the occasion can substantially improve your personal style and comfort. But dress shoes are not always the most comfortable footwear, and they often lack arch support. If you're looking for ways to improve your comfort, here's a quick guide to the best insoles for dress shoes.

Do Casual Dress Shoes Offer More Comfort?

Casual dress shoes, from slip-on loafers to saddle styles, are versatile shoes that easily transition from the boardroom to the bar. 

Many guys may think that casual, suede or soft-leather styles are more comfortable than the rigid, leather Italian shoes you wear with your tailored suit. But the construction of most dress casual footwear is actually not that different from the special pair you pull out for your next big board meeting. While your feet may feel great at the beginning of the day, after hours of standing and walking on hard surfaces, they will fatigue. Pain can follow.

Like traditional men's dress shoes, dress casual shoes:

  • Don't have removable insoles. The shoes' insides are made of leather or synthetic materials that don't provide cushioning or arch support.
  • Are often made of stiffer materials. Leather dress casual shoes still constrict the feet more than athletic shoes.
  • Have thin soles that don't provide much cushion.


Luckily, a pair of the best insoles for dress shoes will make any shoes more comfortable. It may seem like there is no room in your shoe for an arch-supporting insole. But Tread Labs new Stride Short dress shoe inserts provide the sleek comfort and support you need to look good and feel great – anywhere.

Best Insoles For Dress Shoes – Stride Short Insoles

Dress shoe inserts provide substantial support and comfort. By spreading weight over a larger portion of the foot, supportive insoles for dress shoes provide comfort, even in low-volume shoes that provide minimal cushion.

Two key features of the Stride Short makes them perfect for low-volume men's shoes:

  • 2/3 length insoles – the shorter length does not take up any volume in the front of your shoes.
  • 2-mm top covers – thinner covers keeps heels grounded and are perfect for dress casual shoes that don't have removable insoles.

Remember, if your shoes are made of a stiffer leather, they probably won't stretch over time. Bring a pair of Tread Labs' Short in with you when you try on your shoes to ensure you buy the correct size.

Tread Labs insoles for dress shoes

Short and Sleek with Tread Labs' Signature Features

Stride Short insoles for loafers and dress shoes include Tread Labs' signature qualities. Medical-grade arch supports control overpronation and prevent plantar fasciitis. With 4 arch heights, the Stride Short has a precise fit that accommodates any type of foot. Stride Short comes with the same easily replaceable top covers made of durable polyurethane foamand low friction polyester fabric as the traditional Stride. Don't worry, the arch supports are guaranteed – forever.

    And of course, all Stride Shorts come with Tread Labs' signature Million Mile Guarantee for risk-free purchase. Try out the Short insoles for dress shoes in your loafers for a month. See how arch support and cushion improve your health – and the comfort of your feet. If you're not satisfied, send them back for a full refund. We'll cover the shipping.

      Stride Short - Putting Comfort into Dress Casual Footwear

      Dress casual shoes are perfect for a variety of places – from corporate to casual. While it can be difficult to find dress shoes with arch support, after-market insoles can make all the difference. Firm, well-fitting insoles like Tread Labs' Stride Short will provide the structure and comfort your feet need, so you can perform at your best – no matter the occasion.

      give your feet the comfort they deserve

      Cassia Roth
      Cassia Roth

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