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Stride Insole - The Best Insole for Work Boots

Best insoles for work boots

The Stride insole was built with your hardworking mentality in mind. The core of the Stride insole is a strong, molded arch support.  Guaranteed for life. Unlike other over-the-counter insoles, Stride insoles are designed to outlast the competition and keep your feet comfortable longer. These are the best insoles for work boots, hands down.

Here’s 5 Reasons the Stride is the Best Insole for Work Boots:

  1. Strong Support – Feel great at the end of the day. Medical-grade arch supports give more comfort than softer, disposable insoles. Firm support controls overpronation and helps relieve and prevent plantar fasciitis.
  2. Perfect Sizing – Four arch heights guarantee a precise fit. From flat feet to super high arches, you are guaranteed a perfect, supportive fit.
  3. Durability – Our arch supports are guaranteed forever. Top covers can be easily replaced for $15, free shipping.
  4. 30-day fit guarantee – Buy Tread Labs insoles risk free. Experience Stride insoles for a month. Discover what exceptional support does for the health and comfort of your feet. If you're not completely satisfied, send them back for a full refund. 
  5. Made in USA – The Stride insole and every product Tread Labs sells is built to last in the USA. 

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Customer Testimonials:

“My work boots used to kill me from long hours on my feet. Now they are the only part of my body not in agony at the end of a 14-hour shift.”

-Jeff, Los Angeles, CA. (Rated Us ★★★★★)

“My boots didn't have the support I needed, so I tried a pair of Tread labs. It was fast and easy to find the size that felt best and the comfort was immediate.”

-Charlie, Boston, MA. (Rated Us ★★★★★ )

"It is no surprise that my feet have been hurting. I stand, walk, or climb ladders on a concrete floor for eight hours a day and have done so for the past ten years…. At the end of two weeks, my feet are not even a distraction. No pain.”

-James, Atlanta, GA. (Rated Us ★★★★★)


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What You Get for $75:

  1. Flexible polypropylene arch support, specifically molded with the contours of your foot in mind.
  2. Durable, 4-mm, open-cell polyurethane top cover with PURE™ antimicrobial treatment to kill 99.9% of bacteria.

The Stride insole provides more than comfort. They give people the power of endurance. Pain is no longer a distraction. Tired feet are not an obstacle. You can work all day at your best. Get your pair of the best insoles for work boots today.

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